Unable to connect Mobile Link (iOS and Andriod)

So had both an iPhone and Samsung connected to the same network when logged into Zwift but it would not sync with the program. Hosted a hotspot on the PC and connected the phones to that still no luck syncing the two together.


Would love to interact more with riders around em

Hi James,

Please send in a support ticket if you are having trouble getting the Zwift Mobile Link to connect to your PC running Zwift.


Hi James,

i have the same problem. I have to use my 3G Hotspot from my iPhone -> so both devices (PC & iPhone) are logged in to the same network. Nevertheless I cant connect the Zwift Mobile App and because of that i cant connect my BT heartrate monitor ;(. Thats because the Zwift Mobile App wants to see an WiFi connection -> but there is no “real” WiFi Connection -> still the 3G Symbol on the iPhone.

My plan: connecting the iPhone via USB to my PC and use the hotspot function. At the same time connecting the iphone to a “fake” WiFi (simple a router in neutral without any internet connection). Works fine for the first time -> Zwift mobile App sees a WiFi connection and iPhone and PC are logged to the same network via USB hotspot. 2 Days later it wont work anymore. I dont know why. Zwift mobile App crashes or just shows me a login screen where i cant log in. Annoying…Support couldnt help :(…

There is no chance to lay my internet in the basement…

Only solution at the Time -> an independent hotspot -> like an TP Link M5350…but i dont own an second SIM Card…

Hope this will be fixed soon cause its only an Zwift App issue.


Ohhhhh yeah. And only 30 minutes later I found a solution. Some kind of Brainstorm and not particularly complicated.

I will try to explain (Windows):


  1. Use an USB Cable from your Cellphone to your Computer

  2. Activate the mobile hotspot function and make sure it connects via USB, not WiFi

  3. Download and install “Virtual Router”

  4. Open “Virtual Router” - create a password - and start Virtual Router

  5. now connect your iPhone to the “Virtual Router” WiFi

  6. TADA!!! Your phone brings the internet to your PC via USB -> Your PC builds a Hotspot with it -> And again your phone log in to this hotspot -> A Loop -> works


Also check out the photos…

Happy with that…HF