Mobile App - Establish link without internet


I’m using a computer in a remote place, where my internet connection doesn’t work. Instead my computer connects using LTE since this is build into the computer with its own SIM card.

I would still like to use the Mobile application for control during my rides. Can’t this be made possible?

The Zwift app on the computer and the Zwift Mobile Link on the phone/tablet need to be on the same LAN network, it will not connect over WAN.

If (and that is a very big if) they ever made this possible the response times would be too slow to make it very usable. And making the connection over BLE would cause issue with bridging BLE signals from devices.

It may be worth an attempt to let your computer run a wifi hotspot and connect your mobile through that. That should put them on the same network. Caveat: I haven’t tried it.

Hi Jesper

Great idea with the computer running as wifi hotspot. It works perfectly :slightly_smiling_face::+1: