Using ZWIFT + Mobile Link App with Mobile Hotspot / Tethering (Windows)

I use ZWIFT in my cellar. So, there is now WiFi and it never will be. I thought: no problem!!! I simply use my iPhone and its mobile hotspot function.

But: Using Zwift + Mobile Link App via mobile hotspot doesnt work. :frowning:

After some trail and error i want to share my solution with you. The problem is: the Mobile Link App wants to see any kind of WiFi connection. But there is no “real” WiFi connection. The iPhone only shares its internet connection via WiFi and cannot receive any data.



  1. Connect your PC with your phone via USB

  2. Start the mobile hotspot function at your phone

  3. Make sure PC and phone sharing internet via USB (no WiFi connection)

4. Download and install programs like “Virtual Router” -> this program creates a mobile WiFi hotspot from your PC

5. Open “Virtual Router” - create a password - and click “Start Virtual Router”

  1. Now connect your phone to the new existing WiFi network (VirtualRouter)

7. TADA!!! Your phone brings the internet to your PC via USB -> Your PC builds a Hotspot with it -> And again your phone log in to this hotspot -> A Loop -> works


Also check out the photos…

Im very happy that this solution works…


Have Fun…


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