Mobile App Useable on 3G

I use Zwift on a PC that is hard wired so cant use my phone as you need Wifi to link.

If you’re logged in on Zwift PC and logged in on Zwift mobile, why cant that link just the same??

Hi David - I’m afraid you’ll need a Wifi network to pair the phone; however, you can still connect to a computer that’s using an Ethernet cable as long as it’s going through the same router that’s transmitting Wifi. 

Scott B.

I have to correct you a little bit. The computer and phone need to be on the same network, not just the same router. A router can handle multiple networks.

It’s a bit confusing the way it’s described. Indeed the phone and computer don’t need to both be on wifi. They just need to be on the same network. Specifically the same subnet. 

e.g. My PC is connected to my router through a wire - it doesn’t have wifi, then my phone connects through wifi - which is where you do need a wifi network, in order to connect the phone.