Pairing ethernet with wifi

My computer is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable.  My phone is, of course, wifi.  They are both connected to the same router, but mobile Zwift does not read my current session and so does not provide command and control ability for my rides.  Is there a way to make the program recognize that both devices ARE connected to the same internet source so that the features of the Zwift mobile app will work?

Justin Friedland

Hii Justin,

The game and mobile app should pair automatically as long as they are on the same network. I have created a support ticket on your behalf so that we can diagnose this issue further. Please check your e-mail for information on the support ticket. 

Ride On!

What was the outcome of this as I was having similar issues with the mobile app not connecting yesterday (Feb 26). My Mac is connected via ethernet and my iPhone is on the wifi, same network.

Hi Gavin,

It looks like Justin was able to get it working by following the recommendations in one of our Knowledge Base articles. Unfortunately, he did not indicate which one. If I had to guess, I would say this one:

Take a look at that article and, if you are still experiencing issues, please submit a support ticket. 

Ride On!

Come on Justin, share with the community, I have the same issue and it is driving me nuts.


Is the computer and the phone on the same subnet (not just router), i.e both getting addresses like 192.168.1.x.

You are going to have to give more info for us to assist in resolving your issue.

Sorry, didn’t mean to leave this hanging. Follow the link in Lazlo’s comment above and follow those directions. Making sure the ports are open is crucial, as is making sure that computer and phone are on the same network. Once you get it, it stays.

Hi there,

I solved mine by purchasing a Wifi dongle so that the desktop pc with the dongle and my mobile app were both on the same network. I could not change the mobile that the app is on to the same subnet as the ethernet connected pc.

Hope this helps someone.