Zwift Technicians!!!!

Trying to be patient here but I’m not real happy with the technical support I’ve not gotten from you guys regarding my Zwif Mobile Link problem.  I’ve put in a ticket and I initially was helped by Jessica and she referred my problem to more of an expert.  Since that time, all they have asked me for is my log.txt in my documents folder.  That was over a week ago.  


I’m continually unable to connect with my phone app.  I’ve told them that my bluetooth icon in the desktop software has an error.  The ANT icon is fine and I can ride but no support while using the phone link.  I told them that it worked a few times and that it doesn’t anymore.  Yes, I’m using the most current version of your desktop software and the mobile link phone app. Yes, I’m on the same wireless network on both the desktop and the phone.  Yes, I’ve enabled all bluetooth sensors on the phone and the desktop.  I do have two iMacs running side by side and yes I’ve turned off the iMac that I’m not using to ride with.  I"ve posted my problem on Strava’s Zwif Club board and someone said to reset my modem and then reboot my computer and then uninstall/reinstall the phone app…did that too and it didn’t help.  Please HELP!

Hi Love Love Handles (Audi),

Sorry for the delay in response! We are experiencing a high volume of support requests and are doing our best to answer each one as quickly as possible and in the order they are received.

I’ll inquire as to the status of your ticket and ask our agent to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Patience is a virtue.

I have only just started using ZWIFT but I thought the Bluetooth was for sensors not the phone… you either use ANT+ or Bluetooth sensors. Im sure the phone links via your home network. I don’t have Bluetooth switched on and my phone and it works fine.