YOU Win Zwift - Poor Support

You win Zwift!! Your poor support for your hardware has forced me to buy new items as replacement for the defective items even though I am clearly under warranty. Your continued efforts at delays and asking me for more information before standing behind your stated warranty has worked. I am still reluctantly using your products but the hit to your reputation and my satisfaction with your company has been severe.

I’ve seen other companies use the “delay and pray” culture for continuing to hassle warranty claims wanting more and more information and still not standing behind their products. But your culture stands well above all others as most abusive. Well, you won. I just ordered the replacement and after over ten emails, providing numerous information (not related to the claim in my opinion). Please don’t respond yet again with someone else for me to reach out to, another piece of information for me to provide, another thread for me to invest time on or saying you are somehow sorry…you’ve had so much time and many, many, opportunities to do the right thing. Just say “thank you” to me for the feedback if you need to reply at all…anything else would just be proving my point even further for all to see.

Hi @RAS welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at server logs and the conversation you had with my colleagues.

Here’s the quick solution to your inability to use Virtual Shifting: unplug your ANT dongle from the computer.

Virtual Shifting only works over Bluetooth, and your KICKR Bike’s Resistance signal is pairing over ANT. You can verify this is the case because the Resistance signal will say “FE-C” if it’s paired over ANT+

I scrolled back through your server logs and as far as I can see there’s no device like a heart rate monitor that requires you have an ANT dongle. Get rid of it - problem solved.