Click not working (and neither is "support")

I’m really getting annoyed here! For the last several Zwift sessions, Click won’t shift gears–the virtual gear doesn’t even appear on my screen! This occurs in all scenarios. I generally prefer to “just ride” so I can control my workout (within the “topography” of the virtual world). In this case, the only way to control resistance within that world is (theoretically) with the Click, but although it shows as “Connected” (plus I confirmed that the firmware is UTD and even though the battery tested at 3.0W, I put a new one in which had 3.2W) and all of the LEDs cycled and flashed blue when it supposedly paired, it functioned OK previously, and there were no hardware changes, it just stopped working (I went through the entire troubleshooting checklist). If I use one of Zwift’s workouts, the program seems to control the gears and when I try to change gear, I hear a “whump” sound (saying “ha ha–WE control the gear”), so it obviously detects attempts to change gears (and it should heed those, as the optimal cadence for a particular rider varies with the situation and I know what gear I need a lot better than some algorithm that has no idea about my physiological profile, nor my current condition–I may well need to alter the workout profile due to an impending cramp or lack of glycogen. In any case, the base requirement for any “smart” trainer is to make it possible for the ser to alter the resistance to meet their needs, and that means that it should be possible at any time to alter the virtual gear! In my case, I have zero control over this at the moment and it’s really hard to not to express myself using the “colorful” language I’ve been using when trying to get this stupid thing to work as it should!!! What makes it even worse is that, not only does Zwift not have phone support, but when I click (see what I did there?) on the “Contact us\Start chat” button, nothing happens!!! I can’t be the only one experiencing this–Please help!!!

Hi @D_Stuart Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman, could you please try again with the Zwift Hub connected through Bluetooth Native instead of using an ANT+ Dongle? In the past, this has created interference and generated issues like the one you’re describing in the past.

I’d also recommend that you check this article that can help you remove any possible interference.

Additionally, if you want to contact us and it isn’t working you can try in an Incognito window maybe a setting is blocking you away from support.

Let me know if any of this works for you!

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Hi Norman,

Thanks for the quick response. It’s so aggravating that this doesn’t simply work and especially weird that it used to work but no longer does, even though it’s supposedly “connected” (plus both ANT+ and BT icons indicate normal operation). Anyway, I removed the ANT+ dongle from the laptop I use for Zwift and the good news is that Click connected and I was able to both see and change gears. The not-so-good news is that cadence failed to connect (also the HRM but I wasn’t wearing my Garmin HRM and it doesn’t “see” the wrist-mounted sensor in my Fenix watch). Now, I’m not sure if it gets cadence data from the Hub One (as it logically should) or the Garmin Cadence Sensor (which has both ANT+ and BT) on the crank arm.

Follow up: I started up Zwift and ran the update (to v1.69?) and left the ANT+ dongle plugged in. This time, everything connected and I was able to change gears once again, so thanks again!!!

When the ANT+ dongle is present, you need to be very certain that the trainer has paired via Bluetooth. Because ANT+ pairs faster, it will often win the race vs Bluetooth to pair up the trainer. As for cadence you can choose which device you want to provide cadence data by clicking on the Cadence tile. The Fenix may or may not support Bluetooth depending on its age. Fenix 6 and higher should support Bluetooth.

Thanks, Paul. I was finally able to get everything to work (for now, anyway) after the latest update (1.6.9?). My Fenix 6 Pro Solar has ANT+ and BT and it appears that the Activities tracker in the watch uses cadence data from the crank-mounted Garmon sensor, while Zwift uses the Hub One sensor (as they differ slightly).