Zwift Click not working

Got a Hub One for Christmas today and having no luck setting it up. The Hub One connects just fine to the PC app via Bluetooth. The PC also pair with the Click. I can run the tutorial for Click and I am able to communicate and the blue light on the Click is solid. When I select a ride, the blue light goes out on the Click. There is no display for the gear I am in and the Click does not “shift” when I press it. I am running a PC with Windows 10 and Zwift 1.55.0. I should note that prior to the Hub One I was using a Saris Magnus smart trainer via ANT on Zwift

Are you sure that the trainer isn’t switching over to ANT+? Check in the Pairing screen when you’re having the problem. The trainer needs to be on BT as well as the Click or it won’t shift.

It did show connected to Bluetooth in the pairing screen. But I also wondered if ANT was interfering. I did 2 things, disconnected the ANT dongle and reinstalled Zwift. That did the trick. Thanks for the response

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