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Hello, I’m new on zwift and I would like to know if somebody could help me to solve my problem.
I have an elite direto xr and I’m using zwift but the problem is that for some reasons that I don’t know, sometimes it stops measuring and my rider is not moving anymore !
It says no signal but almost immediately after I go on trainee selection page it goes back like nothing and everything is working normally, but it stopped me in game

Thank you for reading and if you can help me it would be really nice and cool ! (sorry for my English, it’s not my native language)

Can’t wait to cycle normally

hi @clement_Boutelant

What do you use to play Zwift? Do you use Bluetooth or Ant+.

It sound like your are getting signal interference.


Hello, firstly thank you for responding and helping me, and I’m using Bluetooth

You can check your recent log file with to see if there are any signal issues. How to find your log file:

other tips for signal loss:

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Ok thank you very much for your help, what do I have to search once I opened it?

just drag and drop your log file into and it should be self explanatory.

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Ok i did it and apparently I got disconnected four times but I don’t know what I can do to solve that but I least I know the problem

did you read the support page I linked above with troubleshooting tips?


I didn’t see that at first. Looking at it now.


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Yes but it only says how to access to Zwift log

Oh crap my bad sorry I see what you mean , i m gonna try what they said in the topic thanks a lot

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