Shutting down efter pressning ride (pc)

Hi. I installed zwift on my laptop. The laptop have minimum spec. I can log in but nothing more happens. Only the screen with how zwift works, switching between some pictures. Then randomly shutting down. I dont even know how to connect the devices. I already reinstall zwift. Windows 7 on the laptop. Kickr ant+ usb dongle. Elite qubo power smart b+ trainer. What i am doing wrong? I create my account earlier then i try to connect the trainer.
Best regards Björn

Can you post the specs of your computer so we can check to make sure it meets the minimum. 


When im locking closer can I only use 3.8gb RAM of 4gb. Inter core I5 with Intel HD4000. Hmmm. the RAM is the problem ?


Is it Windows 7 x64? It sounds like you have a 32bit Windows 7 computer (Zwift requires x64) and that video card is the bottom of the minimum specs.

Its x64. Yes it is but i Think the game should start. Where do i connect my ant+ devices?

The computer sound like it is barely making the minimum requirements. Is this laptop your only option? I am not sure it will run Zwift even though it meets the requirements posted. There have been updates to Zwift and the minimum might have been raised but not posted. I would make sure all the drivers are up to date and that Window 7 is fully updated. Just an FYI, Windows 7 is getting close to end of life and will not be support by MS much longer, making it a security risk in the future.

If Zwift starts you will get the pairing screening which allows you to connect your ANT+ devices (assuming you have an ANT+ dongle in the laptop).


My laptop has more than the minimum spec and I have been running zwift fine for a couple weeks.  Really cool!

Yesterday during a ride, however, all of my video settings changed and the computer rebooted.  And since then Zwift has been unable to boot past the same screen mentioned by the other person.  What gives?