program shuts down after pressing ride

program shuts down after pressing ride

Need more info.

Can you give some details on your setup.

Set-up is kinetic roadmachine 2.0 smart
Laptop Lenovo t430s with ble bluetooth and ant +
128gb harddisk 8 GB ram

Laptop installed with Windows 10

OK, what’s the video card and is the driver up to date?

Do you get an error message?

Does the system meet the minimum requirements (near the bottom of the page):

Windows 10 as different versions, is it on the latest version?

Do you have the most recent version of Zwift installed?

And are you sure it didn’t just minimize?

Hello. I have the same problem. have laptop with minimum requirements for zwift. Windows 7. install zwift a few days ago and create an account. But i get the trainer today. Elite qubo power smart b+. I have en kickr ant+ usb dongle. I dont know where to set up the devices or something. I found the trainer on other programs like trainerroad on both pc and android.

Regards Björn


You should create a new thread, your issue sounds different.

Hijacking threads just makes it more difficult to resolve peoples issues.

Meets minium reg.
I Think that i need and Update Of the drivers

I get back to you friday