Unable to launch zwift (windows 10 home for refurb PCs)

(Kevin Max68) #1

Hi, I’ve a laptop which meets Zwift spec standards and have downloaded Zwift to the laptop. However, the software will not launch at all - only a blue circle appears as if it is about to launch then nothing at all. I’ve updated drivers etc. Any suggestions?

(Paul Allen) #2

Just to verify that it does meet minimum specs can you actually post the specs.

Also, try right clicking on the icon and running Zwift as administrator and see if that helps.

(Kevin Max68) #3

I’ve tried as administrator and still no good.

Lap top spec as follows:

(Paul Allen) #4

What video card do you have in the laptop?

(Kevin Max68) #5

details as shown - hope these help, cheers

(Paul Allen) #6

That would be the bare minimum as far as video card specs. You need to make sure that the driver is up to date or even uninstall and reinstall the drive has worked for others.

(Kevin Max68) #7

Hi Paul - thanks for your time for this - still no joy update checking and reinstalling. It’s not looking good.

(Kevin Max68) #8

Sorted - reset whole PC and reinstalled Windows 10 and it’s done the trick. Cheers