is my pc up to spec/at fault

my pc wont launch zwift, I’ve sent a request and am waiting for a reply,

I’m half wondering if my graphics card is what is holding me back ?

its a intel q45/q43 express chipset, would this stop the game launching at zwiftapp.exe ? desperately trying to get this thing working, thanks

Hi Jono, I see from your support ticket that it is your only graphics chip in the computer so it will certainly be the cause as it’s way below minimum spec.  It’s only powerful enough really to do webpages and word processing.  

Normally with a desktop computer like yours you could buy a graphics card for $50-$100 and put it in, but it seems your computer is extremely compact and has no expansion slots internally.  It will not be useful for Zwift in any way as far as I can tell.

One of the upcoming versions of Zwift will provide helpful information rather than simply crashing - sorry for the guessing game and crash.