HELP Zwift Not Responding

so im 53 mins in a workout today and zwift stops say not responding this keeps happening to me any ideas how this can be sorted starting to get fed up with it dont want to leave the zwift family but im not paying for something that keeps crashing on me please Help

shows what I’m running and im on the latest zwift update

Please read this: Guide to Getting Useful Support


Can you give us a rundown of your setup including the specs of the device that you are using to run Zwift.

I’m on the latest zwift up date and a tacx neo turbo

What graphics card?

Is this a work computer?

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No it’s sole purpose is for zwift gets used for nothing else Radeon R7 Graphics Vram 1024 mb DDR3 800MHz /ram 8g

The low RAM on your graphics card may be the culprit.

It’s never been a problem till now

That card released in 2013 originally and was followed up by a refresh a year later. One Gb of VRAM just doesn’t cut it for today’s games and while it may have worked somewhat previously, there are a lot of variables at play. Wear and tear on your card will eventually make it start going squirrelly as well, until it simply doesn’t work at some point. On top of that, I think Zwift (or any other game company) over time has no choice but to drop support for older outdated cards at some point. Not that that is what is happening to your card but it is an inevitability. Today’s games usually require a minimum of 4Gb of VRAM and a standard of 8Gb. I use a crappy and super cheap Nvidia GT 710 with 4Gb of VRAM and it gets me by. I think it cost me $75.

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But i am using 8g of ram

That is RAM for your computer not your graphics card which is good. Your graphics card specs from your post said VRAM 1024Mb which is not good. My old graphics card was 1 GB (1024Mb) of VRAM too and it worked for some time until it didn’t.


Ok right so can i upgrade it or dose it mean a new pc

Is this a desktop or laptop?

If it is a desktop what is the model?

If it is a laptop you would more than likely need to use an external graphics card.

A cheaper option might be to switch to AppleTV.

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It’s a desktop of ebay so not sure of make its go Vantage on the front

It would depend on if you have a PCI slot open for a graphics card,

You could get a GT 710 2GB

It has 2GB of RAM and does not require additional power.

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Paul is correct. I made a mistake saying it had 4Gb of VRAM. I was checking my system and it had listed 2 sections of VRAM at 2Gb and I thought they were separate.

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A GT 1030 (GDDR5 model*) would be a far better option than the GT 710. In solo rides it can do 60fps at 1080p Medium if the CPU can keep up.


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If we are going to go there I would suggest getting a GTX 1050ti 4GB. It is the best card you can get that does not need an additional power connection.

Now, there could be fit issues depending on the configuration of the computer.

I would still suggest getting the AppleTV, then throwing good money at an old PC.


GTX 1650 is better. :wink:

Agree with you on the Apple TV 4K though, OP’s processor simply isn’t up to it I’m afraid.

Yep, you are correct on the 1650.

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