Thanks zwift! Only kidding

Since the latest update zwift is taking an age to load and half of the time it crashes. Just missed out WTRL race because I’m still waiting for it to load after 10min!

Come on Zwift. I pay a premium price, I expect it to be solid and work.

If you’d like to talk about improving loading times, post details about your hardware. 10 minutes is unusual, even with the expected game bugs.

I’m just find a place to vent my annoyance. It worked perfectly pre update. Now twice it has taken an age to load.

I’m using an i5, 6gb ram, gtx 900 something?? I don’t know. It has been lovely up until the update.

I guess I’ll dust off the apple TV until things get fixed.

8GB RAM is what Zwift says is the minimum. Slow storage can be a bigger problem, so if you don’t have an SSD that would be a great upgrade. Your annoyance at crashes is entirely understandable. You might want to check the Windows Event Viewer to see if it provides any clues about what happened when the app crashed.


Clearly not as mine was fine pre update.

Zwift can run on systems with as low as 2gb RAM, at least it could a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean it should. Zwift has had 8gb RAM listed as the minimum spec for years, but the last few months with the expanded/new worlds and all the beautiful new scenery are increasing the load on CPU’s.

You may want to consider an upgrade, and definitely check your storage, if it is an old HDD you can upgrade to an SSD for very little money and drastically improve load times.

These minimums are not very firm, but we’ve heard in other threads that memory requirements have increased recently, especially in Makuri. Given the low cost of memory, it wouldn’t be a bad upgrade to consider. It could take a long time, or forever, for Zwift to address this. If you prefer to try some other apps, nobody would blame you.

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It is a clean machine with just windows and zwift on an ssd.

I know no one will know the answer why it failed. I’ll just get on with it and try again.

and it really takes 10 minutes or are you just guessing? It seems like it should be much faster.

What about network speed?

10 minutes to update on that hardware sounds really unusual. Do check Event Viewer about those crashes.

Well I tried to join at 6min remaining and when I started I was nearly 5min adrift.

I’m more annoyed because I’ve been looking forward to it all day and even a team mate gave up a place for me and now I’m just cruising round picking up a finishing point.

Network is wired and that is fine.

were you already warming up and riding on Zwift when you tried to join with 6 minutes before the start, or was it freshly launching Zwift 6 minutes before the start? Just curious if it was Makuri loading that took so long, or the entire program?

I joined from Watopia.

lots of people are having crashes with Makuri again it seems, or their issues were never really fixed in the December patch that was supposed to stabilize Makuri… could be something out of your control?

Who knows but I’m going to back to apple TV as that never had any issues.

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