Load times again and again

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I’ve looked into my spec set up and it’s not lighting fast but it’s good enough. i5 750 2.67GHz, 4GB RAM, Win10 64bit, GeForce 9500 GT…missed yet another TdZ Stage as I counted 23mins of the blue Zwift screen. 73Mb/s down 19Mb/s up. Just not good enough. After TdZ and Mountain challenge, it’s goodbye from Cambridge, U.K.

You didn’t mention the most important part, which is the storage drive. But the rest really isn’t good enough anyway, sorry. The game loads in around 30 seconds on a £10 i3 with £12 SSD.


The drive storage is way more than needed. It’s not that. I just force Zwift to quit after waiting more than a few minutes and it’s second start is fine. Just buggy software.

Guessing it’s a mechanical hard drive then, since I made no mention of the capacity. In combination with a very slow CPU, that’s why it takes ages to load for you.

It loading much faster the second time is expected behaviour and happens for everyone.
Edit: just tested mine - 29secs then 17secs second time.

500Gb disc which is 50Gb full. No other app fails so often. Just uninstalled, restarted PC, reinstalled Zwift for third time, going through ‘Preparing to Update’ cycle again (v1.1.1). Turned off all MS malware apps, security, trimmed other background apps in Task Manager…

It’s just unusable. No information about update progress, any compatibility faults, the PC/CPU/GPU is more than up to the task of running Zwift.

Shall I leave it like this overnight?

Hopelessly buggy software.

The upside is I will do appreciate Tour of Sufferlandria this week, with software that just works.

Did you get the pop-up asking to allow Zwift to make changes? It is sometimes behind other windows.

Are you in the UK? I’ll make you a PC if you want.

Disclaimer: been boozing

That’s gonna be a dead slow hard drive. Honestly, just spend the £12 on an SSD. The PC will be absolutely transformed, never mind Zwift load times.

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No, as crap as Windoze is for failing to pull window focus forward to top level, I made sure of this!

I might just update the whole thing and swap to a used gaming PC…but it’d only be for Zwift…

Thanks, but I’m just going to find a used gaming PC for a ~£200. It’ll get me the right RAM, SSD and CPU/GPU for min effort. Having rebuilt a few PCs in my time…

Haswell is where to look, an i3 is fine. 120GB SSD is plenty for Windows and Zwift. 8GB of RAM and then your chosen GPU. GTX 960 2GB is probably the best value option at present, and will get Ultra profile at 1440p resolution. 60fps a lot of the time when not otherwise limited. Easily doable for well under £200.