TdZ 2022 load times

Decent WinOS PC setup, no issues with other turbo training Apps, but Zwift is proving too flaky. Only 1 TdZ started on time the rest I had to reschedule due to massive load times. For this stage 4 start I loaded up Zwift at 9:47 for a 10:00 start. It’s now 10:22 and still not loaded. Half hour+ load times is not my broadband connection either. Should I load up 1hr before events…?

This definitely isn’t my experience (I’ve done 10 stages).

What’s your setup like? Do you find this on any other events?

Please post the full specs of your PC, something is very wrong if you are waiting more than a minute or 2 for the event to load.

I use Sufferfest/SYSTM a great deal more and have zero issues with that. Even when running Spotify at the same time.

Something is clearly not right. Please give us more info to go on in order to try to help you get to the bottom of it.

Does this happen only with TdZ events, or with all your rides in Zwift?

I use SYSTM and Zwift, sometimes in parallel, and loading time in Zwift can be counted in seconds. If anything, SYSTM is slightly slower to load/react than Zwift.

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