Zwift so slow?

I know it’s been asked before but every case is different and I haven’t found a solution that works for me. Tonight I started Zwift with the intention of joining a group workout. The workout was based in Neokyo but I chose to go to London as Neokyo wasn’t an option. From the pairing screen to ‘landing’ in London took 5 minutes, after pressing another 7 minutes passed before I landed in Neokyo missing the start of the event. Often when loading a world zwift tells me it is ‘Not Responding’ but eventually gets there, once I’m riding I seldom have issues. The wait times are driving me nuts!

The laptop is about 6 years old and the basic spec is:
AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2 Ghz
4 GB of RAM
WD 500GB SATA Hard Drive

I don’t use the laptop for much else but everything else seems to run just fine.

Any suggestions to make Zwift run better will be greatly appreciated.

Switching to a SSD drive and upping to 8GB of Ram would probably go a long way.

Edit: Listen to Dave. I didn’t really look closely at the specs…

Zwift is a 3D game, it is not suitable to run on this hardware I’m afraid. It’s simply far, far too weak.