Old workstation potentially usable for Zwift?

Hi folks:

I decided to resurrect an old workstation to try out as a dedicated Zwift machine.

Although the PC (HP xw8600 workstation with a Xeon CPU, NVidia Quadro GPU, 12GB memory, SSD) feels very snappy running Windows 10, the results with Zwift are pitiful:

I’m wondering if this is because the Quadro GPU is not being recognised and used optimally by Zwift (OpenGL?), or whether it’s simply too old? Or both?

Follow up question: Would it be worth swapping out just the GPU for something known to run Zwift well, or is the PC simply not usable?

Thanks for any advice: it’s a long time since I delved into PC hardware!



CPU is really slow for Zwift as well, I’m afraid. The RAM is probably registered stuff, so can’t be harvested. Keep the SSD, stick it in a cheap Haswell base unit with 8GB RAM and a GTX 960. That’ll get you 60fps in 1440p resolution and Ultra detail in most solo rides, and 30-50fps in busy areas, group rides, with popular pace partners and most of Makuri Islands (25fps in all of Neokyo). Doable for under £200.

Thanks for the informative response. That’s the kind of calibration I was hoping for.

I’ll see what I can cobble together and at what cost.

(Normally I run Zwift on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15", which runs High profile/1440p @ 25 fps average. However, I don’t want to dedicate that machine for Zwift, so I have to swap it in and out.)

Just approved you. :wink: See the files section there, but bear in mind that Neokyo shits all over most of it.