PC Performance

(F. Ligi) #1

My laptop (buiseness one, not for gaming) is not really old but Intel HD graphic driver (newest one) does not support OpenGL 3.1. A lot of road biker are not these type of gaming guys who always play with newest stuff. When I follow the posts a lot of guys have exactly these proplems with GPU performance. Do you work on this issue ? It is really a pitty because idea of ZWIFT is just great.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Bernd, the bad news is the processor in your computer is 5 years old and has no dedicated graphics capabilities.  As you said, it’s a business laptop and was built to handle things like email and web.   Zwift is a really fun idea, but to properly implement it we do need a computer that can draw 3D graphics at a reasonable speed.   While some users are playing Zwift on 7 or 8 year old computers, those computers were a little higher end at the time they were purchased and still have a little life in them.   

I know it’s a bit of money but there are computers that are somewhat cheap these days that will run Zwift reasonably well.  Given the relative cost of a trainer or bicycles, maybe the $400-$500USD investment for a computer would be worth it if you plan to ride indoors a bit this winter (and next!).

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope to see on you Zwift soon!

(... david (aka "setuid")) #3

Adding to Jon’s comment, I have a very old AMD Athlon 64 4600+ machine (HP Desktop, socket AM2, circa 2009) with 8GB of RAM in it and onboard NVIDIA GeForce 6150 which isn’t enough to power Zwift. 

So I went out to Best Buy and bought an EVGA GTX 750Ti (for about $160) and popped that into the only PCI-e slot in the board, and now it runs Zwift great! Totally revived that machine from the dead! 

You may not need to buy a whole new machine, but you may need to upgrade one you already have.