New laptop advice

Hi all - I know this subject has probably been done to death but the situation is always changing and I have some specific requirements… I’ve been happily running Zwift fior years on a pretty old laptop (with Windows 10) - Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive (but NOT SSD), GeForce 310M with 1GB RAM. It works fine in the lower res. modes except in big group rides (not sure if that’s Zwift or the laptop). I suppose the frame rates are pretty bad but I don’t notice that much when I’m sweating… :wink:

Looking for a new laptop and one of the requirements is that I’d like it to run Zwift as well as possible (i.e. good preformance with the highest quality settings and maybe some room to spare for the future).

What sort of specs should I be looking at, and just as importantly, what type of laptop? When I look around at what’s available I see two categories of laptop on sale - nicely portable ones that are quite high spec but usually don’t have particuarly good graphics cards, and then ugly big black ones aimed at gamers with styling that could only compliment a 15 year old nerd’s bedroom… :laughing: What I’d ideally like is something that’s sleek and portable, has full-on graphics capabilities and styling for adults… Do such things exist, and at a reasonable cost…?

@Neil_Bell I would suggest you take a look at the following, they provide good resources about different setups for Zwift: (you can search by laptop or specific GPU to see results)

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