zwift computer spec

(Jonathan Russell PST C) #1

 Hi, im a complete novice when it comes to computers so im wondering will this spec of computer get me up and running for zwift.

  1. 320GB hard drive
  2. Intel core 2 dup processor
  3. 4GB memory
  4. 1GB nvidia geforce graphics card

(Paul Allen) #2

On the bottom of the link it shows the Minimum, Recommended and Extreme Specs:

(Jonathan Russell PST C) #3

Thanks Paul, in your opinion do you think my spec would be ok? Im completely useless when it comes to computers. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Let’s try not to post the same thing twice. :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Russell PST C) #5

Sorry Eric, I wasn’t sure where to post my query.

(Stef Levolger) #6

Can you be more specific on the graphics card? 1GB indicates just the amount of memory it has. But this can be an entire range of various cards, with various performance levels.

Look for a 3 digit figure, e.g. 540, 670, or something along those lines. Might have an m appended to the figure if it’s a laptop.

As for the cpu, at which speed does it run? Look for a figure appended by ghz.

(Jonathan Russell PST C) #7

Thanks lads, the CPU speed is 3 GHZ and graphics card is 610.

(Stef Levolger) #8

It should run, but performance will be poor. It’s an outdated card, and was never intended for gaming in the first place. It’s performance is lower than e.g. the intel HD 4600.

There’s no direct comparisons on zwiftalizer:

But you can see a few intel HD 4600’s there with already relatively low framerates come by. Especially when such a GPU is combined with an older CPU.

What you can also see is an even older system than yours, a core 2 duo @ 2.4 Ghz with a geforce 320m to run at an average of 10.8 frames per second.

You can expect to be a few frames per second above that, roughly 15 frames per second I’d guesstimate. The result would be choppy, but it would run. If it is a PC, and if you are looking for better performance, you may want to consider swapping the graphics card for a newer model (by minimum).

(Jonathan Russell PST C) #9

Great info stef, would upgrading to a 2Gb nvidia geforce 710 be any better? Thanks.

(Stef Levolger) #10

It’d  be slightly better. However, many 730’s these days go for very similar prices to the 710’s. And offer better performance. So if looking at low cost solutions, I’d say go for a 730 instead.

The addition of graphical memory in my eyes comes secondary to speed in terms of gaming performance. As such, I’d recommend for example the following cards, and in that order based on budget:


With that, I’d expect you to run at roughly 30 ~ 35 fps.

If the budget can be stretched a bit though, I’d point you out to the following item:

The 950’s provide a generally smooth performance in Zwift if you have a look at the previous Zwiftalizer link. Often 50+ fps on average. This also mean the frame drops will be less noticeable. As anything under 30 will quickly appear as choppy, and the higher the average, the more leeway.

Of course it’s a choice you’ll have to make in the end.