Laptop Graphics Cards

I am currently looking at a Windows laptop to run Zwift.

1, Can I ask what sort of graphics card is required?
2, As anyone had problems on Windows 10?
3, Any thoughts in brand, hp, Lenovo, dell?



Does it have to be a laptop, you could save some money buy using an AppleTV 4k.


or build a cheap gaming PC with a great graphics card, much better than stock graphics on most laptops. I spent around $300 to build a PC just for Zwift.


Is a built computer with its own graphics card quick?

Does Apple TV work well?

What sensors/trainer are you planing on using?

Yes it works well as long as you completely close the Zwift app when you are done.

Yes, much faster than the dell laptop I was using before, probably because of the SSD hard drive on the used PC I got on ebay for $90. My Dell laptop is less than 2 years old, i7-855OU 1.8ghz, 12GB ram. Used PC is an i5-3570 with 8GB ram, then I put a GTX 1650 graphics card in it.

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Wahoo heart rate monitor and elite direto.

This is graphics card dependent? What sort of RAM is suitable?

As for the original question, if for some reason the laptop form factor is non-negotiable, pretty much anything sold as a gaming laptop (graphics: GTX 1050/1650 or better) should be fine for zwifting. But if you are not specifically looking for a mobile setup, count me in for another vote for a cheap desktop + decent graphics card (and a big-ass screen).

  1. depends on what resolution you want, check zwiftaliser for some pointers.
  2. nope
  3. I got a asus gaming laptop very happy with it.
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Spot on. Purchasing a laptop for Zwift is basically the worst option IMO. Either cheap (in which case an Apple TV 4K or iPad/tablet is better) or very expensive (way more than a dedicated PC build which will outperform it with ease). There’s no real middle ground, because… Zwift.

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Yeah, the one good use case for a gaming laptop & Zwift I can think of is if you want to use Zwift from random hotel (or other) gyms (and don’t want to ruin your work laptop and want samething bigger than a phone or a tablet). Not a particularly big segment these days, I guess…

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