Gaming laptop

Has anyone got any recommendations for the best place to get a gaming laptop that I can run zwift on, I dont have bundles of spare cash, ideally as cheap as possible so refurb possibly ? thanks

The Dell Outlet.  Look for a decent Alienware laptop.

Are you set on a laptop? You could get a new desktop for around $600 or an AppleTV for about $150.


I agree with Paul.  Unless you want a laptop to to use for other purposes, the laptop option is much more expensive.  For Zwift put the money into the graphics card.  You do not anything more than an I5 CPU to run Zwift comfortably

I re-commisioned and old Core 2 Duo Dell Desktop with a new 2GB graphics card for $44 and it runs Zwift just fine… you don;t need to spend much to get a great Zwift experience!




I use an iPad and it is mounted on handlebar. Sweat sometimes lands on it but great otherwise and easily screenshares to Apple TV also.