Used Laptop for Zwift

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Dug out my old laptop and tried downloading zwift on it but no joy. Do i need to invest in a different laptop or desktop to be able to use it. Specs below

Well you could install Windows 10 on that, and it might sort of work, but the CPU is super slow and it has only 4GB RAM, whereas 8GB is documented as the minimum. And if it has a mechanical hard drive then you’ll have a pretty poor experience launching, updating, and loading worlds. A tablet or Apple TV would work better than that laptop. Laptops that perform well for Zwift, in terms of getting good graphics profile and frame rate, are fairly expensive. Desktops are more reasonable, but you would need to get one with a dedicated GPU if you want it to be significantly better than Apple TV.

Chances are the GPU is totally unsupported hence why Zwift won’t run.

What kind of tablet would work
And excuse my ignorance but what is GPU?

I bet Windows 8.1 is the problem, since Windows 10 is required. I haven’t tried running Zwift on Windows 8 though.

The GPU is the graphics processor in the system. Some PCs have integrated graphics, meaning the GPU is built into the CPU. Others have a dedicated GPU which means there’s a separate chip that provides the graphics processor. Zwift does not play well with integrated graphics in many PCs. Most PC laptops have integrated graphics unless they’re designed for gaming, which increases the price.

Most any tablet will work if it runs Android 9.0 or later, or iPadOS 15 or later. I would avoid the very cheapest tablets because they tend to be slow. Mainstream brands like Samsung, Lenovo, and Apple should all be OK.

You can find more information about supported hardware on this page

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