Have you considered updating your PC/laptop to run Zwift?

I have a nearly five year old Windows laptop that was barely running Zwift (the framerate was really poor and it would take ages to load) connected to an old TV. I swapped out the hard drive with an SSD and upgraded the RAM and it is now running Zwift really well considering the age of the computer. 


As an cost effective entry point to using Zwift upgrading current equipment can be cheaper than buying something new (all in all the upgrades cost about £100 ($130)). I didn’t want to spend a lot when the computer was going to spend it’s life in my garage. It should not be forgotten that upgrading an old PC maybe a cost effective way into using Zwift (depending on the PC of course) when compared to buying a new tablet, phone or computer.

Same here, got a 7 year old Samsung laptop with i5 procesor and fairly basic geforce 330m graphics. But with ssd and a ram upgrade it runs zwift at good framerate on lowest detail settings. Bit of lag between trainer and computer though (not sure if this is computer related).

Would be nice to know what the minimum requirements were to run on the best settings though. Saw the game running as a demo at the Manchester velodrome last week and although a lot prettier I don’t think I’m missing out on enough to warrant a significant investment on a new pc.

If you want to see what other users are using check this out https://zwiftalizer.com/benchmarks

I have a 8 year old PC (Core2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHZ) I upgraded the GPU (Graphics card) for $90 used on EBAY now  I run at 1080 Ultra. 


The Zwift app start, but when I clic to ride button a windows error appear and the app shut down. What can I do?