Inexpensive Windows PC for Zwift?

I am looking for a recommendation of a system to run Zwift. Currently I have a number of Mac laptops but none of them meet the minimum spec.

Since this system will pretty much *only* be used for Zwift, I want it to be inexpensive. But I want a good Zwift experience i.e good graphics card.

Inexpensive probably means Windows-based. But I will also consider desktop systems.



Meant to say “would prefer a laptop but will also consider a desktop…”

I use a Zotac ZBox ID45 with a NVIDIA GT 640.

Zwift uses the medium graphics preset and I set shadows to 512x512 and set the resolution do 1280x720.

Don’t expect really high tips but it runs about 30fps which is ok for me.

define inexpensive?  I use a Surface Pro 3, and it runs fine.

I think the best bang for the buck is a refurbished Duel-core box with a GTX 750 card. The box itself is about the same price as a a Windows license. The whole st-up with a cheap dongle and USB extension cord is less than $250 not including the TV monitor.