Would this build run Zwift well?

Relatively new to using Zwift on a regular basis.

I currently run it on my Surface Pro and it’s generally fine, it’s just kind of annoying. I’m contemplating an Apple TV, but it would be nice to get some better graphics. I know Zwift is a bit unique with how it uses resources.

I have built a gaming PC and I’m sure it’d run Zwift well, but I’m not moving it. And, quite honestly, I’m too lazy to build something again just for Zwift.

That led me to digging around refurbished desktops on Newegg and finding something with this set of specs:

i7-4770 (Quad Core) @ 3.4GHz,
256GB SSD Hard Drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB DDR4 Video Card

No details that I can see about the MOBO.


@Dave_ZPCMR is the expert on this.

I’m using a Surface book gen 1 and no issues at all… And it’s less performant than your setup! :rofl:

Define ‘well’…

If it wasn’t the DDR4 version of the GT 1030 I’d say:

With those specs you will get Medium profile and be able to do 60fps in 1080p resolution when not CPU bound. In CPU bound situations (when busy with other riders around you) the frame rate will drop to 30-40fps. All of which is a different planet to Apple TV - which incidentally runs Zwift no better than your Surface Pro.

But it is the DDR4 version of the GT 1030, and it is therefore utter dump.

In any case I strongly suspect it’s ludicrously overpriced, and it comes with far more RAM and storage space than required. Even if it was the GDDR5 version, you shouldn’t buy it if was priced at much more than $100.

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Post the price, I could do with a laugh.


What are we talking for a machine that’s going to be able to run Zwift better than something like a laptop or Apple TV?

Even if I buy that and throw a $180 1650 in it that’s sub-$500. Or is it the CPU that will hold it back?

HAHAHAHAHAHA ffs that’s outrageous

Man for $600 you could build a PC with all brand new modern parts that will run Zwift in 4K60. Don’t buy this crap, please.

Here, buy one of these: HP ProDesk 400 G1 MT Desktop Computer i3-4130, 4GB, 500GB, W10P, Restored | eBay

Plop another 4GB stick of RAM, a 128GB SSD (replace the HDD) and a GTX 1050 Ti in it. All done for well under $200 and it will do Zwift in Ultra profile, at 60fps and 1440p resolution - same rules about being CPU bound apply. Job done.


Nothing runs Zwift worse.


Is it? Assuming buying new I’d imagine building a Zwift machine under $500 isn’t easy.

A 12th gen i3 is like $140, $180 for a GeForce 1650. $20 for an SSD, $20ish for 8 gb of ram, $80 for a motherboard. That’s like $440 without a power supply and a case.

Of course I’m spitballing the prices.

It’s absolutely disgusting for a system containing a GT 1030, and the rubbish version at that. Utter robbery.

There is this guy, calls himself “Dave”, who wrote up a guide to Zwift PCs. The up to date version of it is in the Files section of the ZPCMR Facebook group linked in the article. In that group you can find regular discussions of system building and occasional shared deals. The 1030 just isn’t a great choice. It’s better to find a used system similar to what you shared, without a GPU, for much cheaper. Add a better GPU and you’re set.

If I wanted a CPU that wasn’t top of the line and wouldn’t get bogged down as much, what would I be looking for? I had no idea restored stuff was that cheap on eBay.

4th gen Intel is best value, 12th gen is best performance. Everything in between isn’t cheap enough or good enough. That HP will take a standard ATX power supply so you could chuck anything in it - like a 960/970/980/1060 if found cheaply and depending on your resolution target. They all get Ultra profile.

I’ll knock up a PCPP list for comparison with new.

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I actually have a soft spot for the GT 1030 (GDDR5!) as it happens. It’s a massive step up in Zwift from integrated graphics and Apple TV. Problem is they’re typically much too close in price to something far stronger like a GTX 960 or 1050 Ti, so the value proposition doesn’t stack up.


Ultra profile, 4K resolution, 60fps at all times (except massive dust clouds and stupid pinch points like some parts of Yumezi).

$587 at time of posting.


Appreciate you putting that together.

Might scrounge eBay to see what kind of restored build I can find and if it’s not something close for a better value, maybe I’ll go the route of fully building something.

Upgrade one of those HPs and swap the PSU, then buy a used 970 or 980. By far the best value, and still on Ultra profile like the new build above would be. The only differences are 4K (massive uplift in GPU power required to hold 60fps versus 1440p) and frame rates in busy areas/events/PPs (needs 12th gen to maintain 60fps+, basically).

Here’s an example; I’m in the UK but doing this for someone at the weekend cost the equivalent of $164.


Here are the type of results ^that system will acheive, from someone else who spent $154 on theirs: Zwiftalizer 2.0

Load time should be about half the figure shown btw, the owner had his OS installed incorrectly. Sorted now.

Do you have any thoughts on Bluetooth vs. ANT+ when using a PC? I run my Kickr Core and Polar HR strap over BT right now.

Would a BT adapter or ANT+ dongle be better?

that seems to be pretty dependent on the environment you are in. I have better luck with ANT+ but others have rock solid bluetooth connections and get drops with ANT+… trial and error I’m afraid.