Will this Laptop run Zwift

I’m looking at a dedicated Laptop to run Zwift. I’m hoping to hook this up to a TV so that I can have bit bigger screen. Any thoughts on this welcome?

HP Elitebook 1040 G3
Intel Core i7 6500u 2.5Ghz
512Gb SSD
Intel HD Graphics 520

Almost exactly the same as how Apple TV 4K runs the game. Not sure why you’d buy this purely for Zwift, unless it’s extremely cheap and you don’t own a smartphone, tablet or virtually any other laptop under five years old.


Thanks for your input, Dave! You’re spot on. Super cheap HP available.

Like, under £100 cheap? If not, you’re far better off knocking together a budget desktop.

I agree with Dave, I bought a Apple TV purely for zwift with a 43” tv. My training room is in another part of the house and I didn’t want to move my Mac or pc into that room. The Apple TV does what it says on the tin and it’s very reliable.


To clarify, I wouldn’t advocate buying an Apple TV for Zwift. :wink: But it’s probably a better idea than that laptop.

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Well the question is can that laptop output 4K? The ATV does not do 4K for Zwift (at least the last I heard). I would not think that the Intel 520 could but it might be worth exploring.

That is the experiment I want to do with my 1660Ti laptop but the summer in Central Texas has been reasonably mild and have not had to move in from the garage.

But in the end the laptop needs to be inexpensive to go that route. I have an older version with the 4300 and it is a good laptop.

Virtually every device without a dedicated GPU runs Zwift in Basic profile, which is the lowest tier of detail (what you actually see). Apple TV 4K runs a very slightly enhanced variant, but not enough to get to the next tier up. In all cases 25-30fps is the norm, at up to 1080p resolution. Higher resolutions cannot be even selected.

Your laptop with 1660 Ti will run the game in Ultra profile (highest tier) in up to 4K (maximum) resolution. Frame rate will be comfortably 60fps in almost all solo rides situations with the exception of Makuri Islands where it will swing wildly between 40-60fps because of how poorly optimised it is compared to the rest. Group events irrespective of world will be 30-50fps depending on how many riders are taking part.

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Thanks for the info…now just need the temps to go up…

There are known issues with Intel GPUs!

Not that generation. :wink:

Update : I bought the above spec’d laptop.

It runs just fine and I hooked a 32" TV onto it via HDMI cable. So now I can control my Youtube motivational music play list and still view my workout on the big screen.