Laptop for 2160 Ultra on Large Screen TV

I’m looking to get a new windows laptop for general home use and would like to see if I could spec it out to also run Zwift in 2160P Ultra on a 43" TV. I currently use an AppleTV for Zwift on the same TV. Dell’s G15 and Alienware laptops appear to have sufficient GPU power but I don’t know the nuances of running a 43" TV in 2160P off such a machine. Would one of these laptops do what I want? I would be after one of the cheaper options with enough horsepower for my Zwift needs as other work wouldn’t be particularly GPU intensive. There are a plethora of options for GPUs with 4GB of RAM upwards with RTX 3050, 3050Ti, 3070 … so any guidance to navigate all these options would be very much appreciated.



Does it have to be a laptop?

It does need to be a laptoo as my Zwift setup is in the garage and I will be using the laptop for other things elsewhere .

Join Dave’s ZPCMR group on Facebook, he has all sorts of recommendations there that will help you.


I can’t help with laptops but all I can say is persist and get it done. I run that setting and recently saw on DC Rainmaker’s site the following screenshot from his Apple TV 4K, the second image for comparison is my NYC picture from today (edit: this website has downsampled my picture, it looks on Strava 17.9 km Ride Activity on December 2, 2021 by Ian S. on Strava). I can understand Apple TV is all some people have and it might be adequate for a casual user, I can’t believe how many people encourage others to do the same with a free choice though.

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Ian, I did get it done. Very happy so far running on 43"TV in 4K. Resolution and smoothness is so much better and more immersive, than my Apple TV.


Cool…what laptop did you end up with?

To preface my response I know this is not a cheap laptop but I was getting a high end laptop anyway for other applications so just went a bit further to try and hve it work for Zwift.

dell G15 special edition, i7-11800H processor, RTX3060, 32GB ram, 1 TB SSD. The 32 GB ram and 1TB ssd are overkill but this particular configuration was on sale with a $340 discount.

I’m running 4K on a TCL 43" lcd tv with the HDMI output refresh rate at 60hz.

Ive ridden a big group ride in watopia tonight with a pace partner and a group of around 100 and also one in Neoyko just now where I was in group of about 40 riders and everything ran smoothly. I’m very happy with it so far.

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Very cool…What do you think of the build quality? I had a Dell Precision that was solid but not waterproof…

Last year I picked up a Legion 5i w/i7-10750H & 1660ti from Costco. The other night I was getting 50-60 fps in Neoyko. In Watopia I typically get 90-100 fps (I have a 1080P 144hz screen). I also use the laptop for other uses and I like to keep for years. The way Zwift is going we will be underspecced in a couple of years

Build quality is fine. I have it where moisture won’t be an issue plus I have a honking great big fan in my garage so there is no danger of me getting hot enough to drip significant sweat on it.

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