New laptop for zwift

Hi there, wondering if anyone had any advice. I’m after a new laptop- primarily to be used for zwift. My current one is old and takes 30+ mins to load zwift. I’m looking at spending between £300 and £500… if anyone has any recommendations that would be great!


Hi @Tom_Burgess_2457 welcome to Zwift forums!

We have a guide to good-better-best devices to run the game app. One way to save money might be to buy a not-too-old used computer / tablet and there’s some links to places where you can find one.

You could consider an AppleTV, it has a lower price point and works great for Zwift.

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Agree. For the budget you have, I think an AppleTV 4K is the best bang for your buck. A laptop in that price range wouldn’t be that great.