iPad to Laptop

Hi all, I have decided to go from a iPad to a Laptop when Zwifting not sure which one would be the best to get would like to hear what other people are using ,Many thanks Barry T

I would recommend an AppleTV over a laptop if it is just going to be used for Zwift.

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For me, the graphics on my HP laptop did not handle Zwift very well but my IPad 6th generation was no problem.
When I tried a few rides on RGT the IPad could barely handle the resolution due to memory.
As Paul mentioned I recently sprung for the $179 Apple TV 4K box and everything is super clear and super responsive.


If you still want the laptop I bought one with a 1660Ti (not Qmax) and it looks pretty good to me. I usually get 90 frames/second on fairly crowded rides…although I forgot to check while climbing the Austrian mountain tonight…

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