Good laptop?

Hi all - I’m going to treat myself to a new laptop dedicated for Zwifting this holiday season. There are many options online. What are your recommendations? My budget is around $1,300 so hoping to get a good Black Friday deal on something with high end CPU & GPU specs.

I’ve had an iPad, and an older HP laptop that have caused a lot of pain for me. Please don’t recommend Apple TV, a TV isn’t an option for my Zwift cave right now.


Is a PC an option rather than a laptop? You will get more bang for your buck with a standard PC.


I’m working with very limited space, it must be a laptop. I actually have a great gaming PC already… shame I can’t use it.

yeah, that’s a shame. I would refer to @Dave_ZPCMR for a good recommendation.

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Try a Steam Link, and broadcast from your proper rig to a cheap 60Hz monitor. Don’t buy a laptop just for Zwift, it’s literally throwing money away. Even an M1 Mac Mini is a better idea.

Here’s how to do it; disclaimer, I haven’t tried this: Running Zwift with Steam Link

But if you absolutely have to go for a laptop (please don’t), I’d just go for something with a GTX 1650 Ti, strong i5 and IPS 60Hz 1080p display. 8GB RAM and smallest SSD possible. You’ll get Ultra profile and can run the game pretty well on the 1440p resolution setting for a nice sharp image on an FHD display. Shouldn’t be anywhere near $1,300.

I have tried steam link between to pc’s and it did work as a test.

So in theory you could have a gaming PC and a old Laptop on the bike.

The device in question is standalone hardware, you don’t even need the old laptop - just a display. They’re really cheap too.

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Appreciate the recommendations! I didn’t know we could use Steam, I’ll check that out

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Is Zwift native M1 yet? Or universal binary?

Here is a good choice for you:

11th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H
GeForce RTX 3060
512 GB SSD
Costco 3 months return policy and extra year of warranty

$1,100 + $9.99 shipping and handling

You need to be a Costco member to buy it, though, as it is a “member-only item”. But, if you are not a member, an annual membership (which is like $60) would still be saving you quite a bit of money on this purchase. Or find a friend who is a member, they will be able to use your credit card number and your shipping address.

If you are on the East Coast and a member of Sam’s Club (which we do not have at all on the West Coast), they may have their own promotions.

I got a Dell with similar specs specifically to run Zwift back in spring. It runs zwift fine. Just be aware that those gaming laptops are bricks, literally. They are heavy and large (because of a massive GPU and all that cooling to take its heat away), and they come with a power supply which alone weighs like one of those super duper (but not suitable for Zwift) hair-light laptops. Mobile RTX 3060 also generates a good amount of heat, so you need to keep it plugged in while riding on Zwift, or you will run out of battery in 40 mins. When you do office work on it, it turns off RTX 3060 completely and runs on internal graphics.

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These are the types of specs I’m looking for in a laptop, thanks! Just curious, which Dell do you have? By the way I grew up on the west coast and am a huge fan of Costco. Unfortunately since moving east I canceled my membership since they’re not that good over here.

Not yet, no. And since it seems to run well in emulation, I would guess that a native binary is very low on Zwift’s priority list.

Any clue how this MSI Katana compares to an Intel-based MacBook or even an M1?

I guess I’m wondering if I should replace either of my MacBooks with a Windows machine - am I missing out on any graphic details?

M1 is arguably worse than a GT 1030 at present; it gets High profile but the rider shadows aren’t working, which makes it looks like Basic.