Best Device to Run Zwift

Whats best to run it ? - PC ? - Laptop, Tablet, - If PC what sort of spec I am looking at ?

Was thinking of a refurb amazon pc - but none of these have blue tooth ?

(Currently use a work laptop - but they are tightening permissions)

This is your best resource for all things PC + Zwift

Yes - But I wanted to see how people are getting on using other devices tablets/apple tv etc

I used to use Apple TV - a simple device for sure and very quick and easy to start up.

But it also looks blah… iPad was a backup for when Zwift on Apple TV had bugs. It could cast to the TV via Apple TV.

Now have an upgraded old Mac Pro purchased originally for its dual processor tray ( to upgrade another Mac Pro). Rather than leaving the spare machine idle, it got a processor upgrade from Amazon, an SSD and a new RX6600XT. It runs nicely at highest detail.

Probably would be possible to do similar with a PC, just buy new or careful you get a well looked after used machine.

You’ll pay over the top for s refurb Amazon PC for sure. It’s perfectly possible to put together a PC capable of running Zwift with the ultra profile in 4k for under £100.

When you look historically PC systems tend to suffer less with bugs affecting other platforms.

Android and Ipads only get the basic profile so graphically they aren’t as good.

The “best device” varies for everyone because we all have different requirements.

What are your requirements?

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Regarding ‘best’, a great deal depends on what you value as an individual. Convenience? Low cost? Quality of graphics? (Just seen @Steve_Hammatt 's post pointing out the same thing.)

For over a year I was fully satisfied running Zwift on a 12" iPad Pro. It never crashed on me, was fast loading, and I enjoyed being able to give ride ons during group rides directly on the touch screen (at a time where there wasn’t yet a Companion ride-on bomb available in group rides).
I didn’t find the basic graphics a problem as I wasn’t used to anything more sophisticated.

Curiosity pushed me to try running Zwift on an Apple TV that I already had, which meant mounting a (larger) screen in front of my Zwift set-up. Having a larger screen was great, although I did notice the graphics were lacking on the HD screen compared to what I’d seen elsewhere…
I never found the Apple remote as frustrating to use as others often mention. (The Siri remote that mine came with, seems to be better in that respect than the older model.)

I love making things and technical challenges. Since I’d got a screen, why not put together a dedicated PC (using all the excellent info provided by those who have gone before)? It’s far simpler than I had imagined. So now I have a couple of PCs that can run Zwift at very high resolution and FPS. And of course I got an even better screen. :man_facepalming: :grinning:

Do I find the Zwift experience any more immersive or compelling using a 27" 1440p 144Hz screen about 30 cm from my nose, compared to on a 12" iPad? I’m really not sure. It’s prettier on the big screen. :man_shrugging: I have had very, very few technical issues in 4 years of zwifting across any of these devices, so none sticks out as being “better” in that respect.
I’d probably be okay going back to an iPad, but I know there are others who find it too ‘basic’ after having tasted higher resolution.

From reading these Forums, I get the impression that Android phones and tablets are the poor relations in Zwift, getting improvements and updates after other systems. Maybe that’s just an impression.

It’s worth checking that whatever device you pick, if purchasing something, that it is sufficiently future-proof as far as Zwift’s requirements are concerned, so that you’re not having to buy another device in a year or two.

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It’s trivial to add a Bluetooth adapter (PCIe or USB) and costs very little. Don’t let that requirement put you off a deal that is otherwise good.

Yes - I just wondered if a BT dongle was good enough.

Probably better than the internal one, especially is you move it away from the pc

Would a bluetooth V5 dongle work ok ?

Yes it would. You can use a USB extension cable to get it closer to your equipment if needed. The main benefit of the PCIe card is better performing WiFi being included, if you need that. It is also possible to use an extension cable for the Bluetooth antenna on the card if desired.

Doesn’t need to be anything special. The cheap ones work perfectly well.

I use a laptop, have used a pc in the past with an ant+ dongle

Apple TV for sheer ease and convenience.
Cheap, small, always works…downside, graphics profile is naff…but you get used to it.



Only support Bluetooth and only 2 devices.
No custom workouts.
can’t chat without companion app.

You can run cuatom workouts on ATV, just that you need another device to create them on.

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not exactly true… some Zwift bugs have completely bricked the apple TV in the past.

Counter point, my PC has never failed me and I’ve always been able to Zwift regardless of the bugs.

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Bricking the entire Apple TV device totally?

I never encountered that thankfully. Doing that and if it was reported would be an effective way to get your app gone from the App Store.


Let’s not get into silly “I’ve never had a problem on xxx platform” anecdotes. I really don’t see that being productive.

We all know that all platforms (yes, all) have very occasionally had game-breaking major issues which have normally been fixed very quickly by Zwift.