Slow start up

Why does zwift take forever to load whe the graphics arent that great. I meant theyvare a step above nintendo 64 at best.

What sort of set up do you have? Mine loads immediately on ATV.

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Same for me, it’s up and running way before I’ve had chance to do my shoes up.

What are the specs on your Zwift device?

Intel core i-5 CPU @ 2.2 Ghz, 16 GB RAM. Windows 10 64 bit edition.

So you folks choose the world you want to ride and it is immediately loaded? It does for my android table and phone but not windows.

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Should take no more than 40 seconds. Anything else is down to one or more of; slow storage, low end CPU, bloatware.

Do you have an SSD drive?

Ssd drive. Zwift is the only app and Intel makes the best cpu

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Which generation of processor? I am guessing this is a laptop that is 5+ years old.

When is the last time you reloaded Windows on it?

BTW, you can have the best processor in the world, but if it’s in a crappy motherboard you are going to get crappy proformance.

I’m going for 5200U. :wink:


Hi it will depend on your Laptop Standalone or Tablet -