30 mins to load Zwift and still waiting

I had it running fine this afternoon but for the last 30 mins its been stuck on Logging In … and now I’ve missed my 7pm ride, exactly the same as last night
Is it taking anyone an eternity to load up??? Yesterday was a full hour from starting up the app to actually riding a race. Its not the best of laptops I know but this is crazy …

Finally logged on after 40 mins … I know I have a slow wifi here, so I’m wondering if this is just that big a download that I have to wait that long. I believe I am at about 3MB/sec where I live

What are the specs of your laptop?

Hi Paul and thanks for replying so quickly!
Its a Lenovo 320
AMD A6-9220 Radeon R4
Cores 2C+3G, 2.5GHz
4GB RAM, 64 bit
not sure how to find out if its SSD, I suspect not …
Wired connection to router … which is working at about 3MB/s so I’m wondering if its simply there sheer download size, but then why was it stuck at logging on for so long?
New customer so apologies for all the questions!

You could try resetting your Internet Explore/Edge and that could help. Zwift uses that for the initial login.

An SSD would help a lot in load times and boot up of the PC. I always recommend an SSD when running Win10.

Thanks Paul. I don’t like using Edge opting for Chrome instead, but have cleared the Edge history just in case. There was also a brief Zwift update that didn’t seem to last long so trying again now
Regarding SSD, I take it that this would mean swapping out my current hard disk for a new one, along with reinstalling windows, apps etc?
Just tried it now and its logged on in a matter of minutes so will try again at 6:30 tonight to see if there’s any difference
Much obliged

It doesn’t matter if you use Chrome or not, Zwift uses IE/Edge for the login.

No reinstall would be needed, you just clone it. I use the Samsung 860 EVO SSD and use the Samsung Data Migration software with a USB to SATA Cable Adapter. Swapping out the drives is fairly easy to do, just look up YouTube videos for your laptop model on how to do it.

thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thats a very weak notebook.
It’s clearly not designed for gaming.

I’d rather sell it and buy a better one than invest money in a SSD.

yes i know, its just our generic family one. I didn’t think I would need anything fancy to run this app, but clearly I do.
Its still loading slow but at least its now 7 mins rather than 40! Thank you
I have now completed my first race and happy with the result
What I can’t do now is see it anywhere! I see I’m at Level 4 with mileage under my belt, but I cant see the activity anywhere, nor is it uploading to Garmin, Strava etc, despite being connected. Anyone any suggestions? Sorry for being such a newbie!

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You can see your activities at https://zwift.com/feed and in the Companion App.
Upload to Strava works fine for me.

Thanks Ben … again. Yes Ive seen the feed page and I can see all my friends activities but nothing for me, including in the Just Me feed which is empty. I have disconnected both Strava and Garmin both online and in the Companion app but nothing. If it wasn’t for the app itself which confirms that I am now at Level 4 I would think I was going mad!

OK, I have solved this and figured I would say why in case anyone else is on this thread with the same issues. I don’t know if these issues are simply because I am using a simple entry level laptop or if these are more wide ranging issues …
The problem was Zwift was not writing the *.fit files to the Documents folder, that this was likely to be an AntiVirus issue but I was getting this IT administrator error message telling me this couldn’t be done. Apparently this was due to some latent anti virus apps stopping Defender from being seen, let alone configured. So I did the following:

  • First run McAfee’s removal tool to ensure this is uninstalled correctly.
  • I then installed and ran the malwarebytes program as recommended by Microsoft to root out any issues there.
  • This then allowed me to finally see the Virus and Threats feature that I couldn’t see before.
  • I then removed malwarebytes so that Defender became the main AV app being used.
  • Only now was I able to actually modify the AV settings, adding both the app and the folder to the exceptions list
  • I then also reinstalled the Zwift app once again for good measure and its now finally working.
    A lot of work but hopefully this helps someone else.