Zwift won't launch after update

Has been working fine for months and in the last couple of days suddenly stopped launching. Am able to log in and then get a few of the startup banners but then the icon disappears from the taskbar and the program quits.
Windows 10 / Intel Core i7 / Radeon HD 7600 / 6GB RAM / 100GB space

Same problem here, allows me to log in, seems to be loading then the program shuts down. Have checked that my graphics card drivers are up to date - worked yesterday under Win 7!

Had to regress to Windows 7 - Zwift works fine again. Wonder if there’s an issue for people who have previously run 7…

Same here. It updated and now it stopped launching (says launching and then disappears from screen without a trace). Fresh reinstalling did not help. Running windows 10. Previously Zwift was working and updating fine on this OS


I’ve got a support ticket in progress so i’ll let you know if it resolves.

Same issue windows 10

Also having this problem since the previous update. I installed the new update tonight (1.0.8252) and I’m still having the same problem. I am also running Windows 10 and have been for a few months with no issues until now.

support has resolved my issue. My issue was that the monitor driver was disabled in device manager.

I recommend opening a ticket so they can evaluate your individual issue as it might not be the same as mine. They will be looking at ways to fix my issue in future updates.



Whilst my problem isn’t resolved yet I did open a support ticket and I have to say they have been very responsive so far. It does seem to be a monitor issue with some users running Windows 10, and they are working on a fix. They have given me a possible workaround which I am in the process of trying.

Mine magically launched last night. I did nothing to the PC BUT there was a Windows update yesterday. 

So mine is now also fixed. It seems to have been a problem with the AMD Radeon graphics driver on my laptop and the new Zwift update. Support guys at Zwift pointed me towards a beta update for the driver (at my own risk) and it seems to work fine now.

support have been brilliant in helping sort this. Makes a big difference.

I agree. Really responsive and seems like they are very engaged in terms of trying to get everyone back online as quickly as possible.

I updated our lap top on Tuesday and now zwift has asked for .net framework 3.5 ( .net 2.0 and 3.0). We have tried to load this and nothing happens… Can’t get on zwift! Please help la la Worsfold :slight_smile:

identical issue here.  Win 10.  Running fine for a month. Wouldn’t start.  uninstalled.  Reinstalled same thing.  Rotates endlessly through half a dozen photos.  help.  appers to just sit on zwiftLauncher