Foreced to update to Windows 10 now zwift won't work

I was forced to update to the most worthless thing ever being Windows 10. I only used this computer for zwift and since updating zwift is now the only program on my computer that doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same thing every time.  Everything has been updated and everything shows that it is in proper working order. When I open zwift it starts to load and then closes on its own every time. I have found no help anywhere, its now been about 3 weeks. Please help. 

Uninstall the program and make sure you delete all parts of the program within the documents\zwift and any other place. Downloading and running a program such as ccleaner could help solve your issue also.


Windows 10 is a far better OS then Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1.

Hi Chris, 

This is pretty strange issue and we will have to create a ticket for you and follow up in there. 

Please accept our apology.

Is there a firewall issue? I have a laptop that was recently updated to windows 10, from windows 8.1.


I installed Zwift and everything works normal. Sorry to hear this is happening. Hopefully there is an easy fix.


EDIT: I just thought of something, is there a graphics card update that needs to be done now that you’ve updated to windows 10? Maybe a new driver update?

Chris in windows 10 click in the Cortana “Ask me anything” bar bottom left and enter Event Viewer, hit enter

Plus out Applications on the left in Event Viewer and then launch Zwift, refresh the event viewer windows once it has crashed and post the event error that displays here.