Zwift Won’t Open

(Stephen Moore) #1

I went to use Zwift last night for the first time since end of May (when it was working fine ) and I can’t get it to open at all. When I click on the Zwift Icon I get the spinning circle (you get when you open any software package) for 1-2 seconds and then nothing. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled it several times but it hasn’t made a difference. I contacted Support last night and they checked the spec of my machine from the log files. I have updated my Graphics Card drivers at their request and rebooted reinstalled etc. A few times but it doesn’t make any difference. I haven’t had a response from Support in the last 10 hours so thought I would ask here in case anyone has experienced something similar. I am running Windows 10 on my laptop and as I said it was working fine back in May. Obviously there have been several Windows updates since then so I am wondering if one of those is blocking Zwift. Not related, but it still works and I can log in ok on my phone. Any advice gratefully received.

(Stephen Moore) #2


Has anyone experience anything similar? I haven’t had any further response from Zwift Support in the last 3 days despite a gentle reminder.

If I can’t get Zwift to open there’s not much point in continuing with my subscription.

Thanks for any help in advance.

(Paul Allen) #3

Please post the stats of you computer, including the video card.

(Stephen Moore) #4

Hi Paul, I’ll post the specs later when I’m at my laptop,
I think they are fine though as I sent them on to Zwift Support at their request on Friday evening and the only comment was that I needed to update my Graphics Card drivers (which I did), I’ve found a thread on the forum from someone with a similar problem and they managed to cure the issue by ‘resetting’ Windows 10, so I may give that a try as well. It would make sense as the only changes to my set-up since I last had Zwift working have been Windows updates.

(Stephen Moore) #5

Solved. I reset Windows 10 and Zwift is back up and working, so I assume it was an issue with a previous Windows update.
Only pain now is I have to change settings again in various other software packages that were lost as a result of the reset. Still a small price to pay for being able to get back on Zwift :slight_smile:

(Vincent W.) #6

Hey Stephen, my apologies for us not getting back to you swiftly! If you feel you are not getting support fast enough feel free to mention me (@Vincent) here and I’ll try my best to solve your issue and buzz our support team about another response. Thank you for being so patient with us!