Zwift shutsdown on acer aspire 5735z

Ok i have a clean install of windows 10 pro 64bit just to run zwift the app opens and allows me to sign in as a user but when i click lets go the screen changes to display lets joim the swarm or similar.

After a few seconds when i would normally expect the main zwift login page to open the app just closes with no error etc.

The pc is at the minimum spec for zwift with 4gb ram and 1224mb of video ram so it doesnt seem to be hardware related.

Any ideas???

I’m not a tech expert but googling that machine the specs listed don’t appear compatible with Zwift.

It shows an Intel Pentium T3400 processor - Zwift minimum requirement is an Intel Core Duo.

No GPU and internal graphics are listed as Intel® GMA X3100 and Zwift minimum needs to be Intel HD 4000.

Can you confirm your computer specs to make sure the info above is correct?

Hi Daniel,

As far as i understand it the processor is dual core from what ive found it is an old machine but runs 64bit windows 10 pro without issue.

The graphics card is the only unknown as its the internal card the spec shows as follows.

If all else fails i have to screen mirror to it which works anyway.

The GPU is too old, that’s why Zwift won’t start on your ancient Laptop.

I started zwifting in Now 2018 and also tried with a few older laptops. I only could get zwift running by getting a decent PC.

Minimum GPU is a Intel iGPU of the Haswell-Gen, that’s a i3, i5 or i7 with 4xxx.

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Thanks for the response just have to screen mirror to the second machine when the occasion is there.

I only need it for the treadmill when im on the bike if other family members want to run.