ZwiftApp.exe crashes after login


I installed ZWIFT a couple of weeks ago and still have the same problem:

Sometimes ZWIFT is working but most times not =(

I click on the ZWIFT button on my desktop, put in my login Data and after that step ZWIFT App is most times crashing but sometimes not! 

For this I think, that my Laptop (Acer Aspire V3-571G) is not the problem:

It’s not a gaming laptop but it meets the required standards: 

windows 10 with 64 bit

intel core i7

intel (R) HD graphics 4000

8GB DDR3 Memory


I already opened a ticket #(21443) more than a month ago and also send them my logfiles, but it seams that they are still working on it… =(

I really enjoyed ZWIFT the few times when it was working and I already did 140km on ZWIFT… So I’m really sad and disappointed that I can’t use it and also wasting my money…I tried to start ZWIFT a lot of times in the last two weeks but ZwiftApp is not in the “right mood”

Do you have any ideas? maybe the same problem?

I installed it new 3 Weeks ago or so but it’s still the same…sometimes working most times not…


Hi Nicole,

I’m jumping on that ticket right now.