Zwift does not launch

Hi there, after the last update zwift does not launch on my pc. After several re-installations still only the white launch screen pops up and everything quits suddenly.

I use windows 10 hp elite book.
intel hd graphics 620

Last two times i used my cellphone, but the screen is very small …

Thank you in advance.


Hello Degraeuwe.

Can you provide more specs on the PC?

Specifically: RAM, CPU, SSD versus HDD.

The Intel 620HD integrated graphics are getting somewhat dated so it makes me think there may be some other bottleneck or show-stopper in the system. HDD would definitely grind it to a half - Zwift practically demands to be run on a solid-state-drive.

Start as well by doing a manual “Windows Update” and looking for optional updates such as Open GL, video drivers, network card drivers etc.

It stopped launching since last update.
Before it worked pretty well.
64-bits besturingssysteem, x64-processor