Zwift won't launch

I click “let’s go” and the banner remains… then it disappears and nothing loads.

I5 7th gen
8gb RAM
Intel 630 graphics

I’m really starting to get tired of all the issues with Zwift.

Hi Tim,

I just loaded it up on my laptop and got in. Similar to yours, i5, 8GB ram, intel graphics 520.

Have you tried manually update your launcher app to v1.0.51? The way to to that is to manually download the file on

When you manually reinstall - be sure to allow Zwift permissions to write to your Documents folder. If you don’t - you’ll get the symptoms you’re describing where Zwift is trying to start up but can’t because the app can’t write files to that location.

Read also this Support Hub article with problems around the Document folder permissions / filepath, and see if any of those apply to you?

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