What is the point of these forums if Zwift themselves never respond?

It seems a waste of time to post here… I love you all - but if im posting a question or bug im looking for a proper response from Zwift HQ, not well meaning guesses from other users… that’s what Facebook is for :slight_smile:

Sherpa Dave

If you want a reponse from Zwift, then that’s what Zwift support is for. But you may well get a quicker response to the same issue if you post it up here.


This is also a community forum, not only a place to look for help with support issues, but a place to discuss opinions and issues on a number of topics related to Zwift.


Many times the community is able to help. But if we can’t help you can email Zwift.


the point is for people to solve queries for free rather than zwift having to employ people to do it :wink:


My experience with Zwift support is they respond after 1-2 days… then if the problem isn’t solved they send me to some form of level 2 support… who never respond. I have a ticket opened 2 weeks ago where this exact thing happened… I keep emailing them with updates, no response.

Do you have more luck with the actual support team?

I’m all for community solving problems… doesn’t work if the problems aren’t solved.

From what I understand is that each time you email them you get put to the bottom, so your best option is to just be patient.


true but the number of “why doesn’t my speed match my garmin” or similar tickets that would be raised would stop them answering more serious stuff, these forums solve easy/common errors.


That makes no sense… has nobody at Zwift ever run a support desk before? Tickets get created and updated… hopefully resolved. Why would an update to a ticket push it to the back of the queue?

Its not exactly a new science…


Why not try posting what your issue is and perhaps somebody might be able to help?

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:wink: this needs more characters…

Already done - a message about a bug (invisibility to other riders) along with the lack of Zwift Support response to the ticket that led to this…

Sure, some issues will require Zwift involvement, especially if it is a code bug. And while you have not gotten response on here from Zwift to whatever your post was, they do monitor and respond to some. But to respond to all would be more employees.

On many things, this forum is actually better equiped to answer than Zwift. This is a group of a million + users that likely have experienced similar or the same issue and thus provide solid solutions to each other. I’ve had 2 complex issues that this community was far better equiped to answer than Zwift. And I got repeated help when each step of the process provided funky results, until we nailed a solution. And the problem was not Zwift’s fault, it was hardware compatibility.

Unfortunately for your issue this forum may not have served well to solve the problem, but for a vast number of issues it is indeed the best possible solution approach. That is usually the case with a rich and active forum community, no matter the topic.

A point to remember here: This forum is a very small subset of Zwift users. I’m guessing, and that’s understating it, it’s about 5% of the “fairly serious” subscribers. Maybe 1-2% of the “not very serious” users. Almost none of my followers or followees participate here. So with that in mind, you can imagine ZwiftHQ isn’t going to take much here seriously, hence the lack of feedback to our rants of dissatisfaction.

Sh*t, last time I checked there isn’t a link to this forum on the Zwift site front page. How did you get here? I have a tab always open to the forum but I’m pretty sure I’m an outlier as far as that goes.

Sorry to be a downer, but I do believe it’s the reality of the situation.

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There is a link on the homepage:

And here is the part of the homepage that should have the forum link on it:

Nope, no forum link. Zwift doesn’t make it easy to find the forum and I’m not sure why that is the case.

Sorry, meant to reply to your post, Milan. See above^…

It is there and it is active… Why do I have a link and you not?
Zwift.com, Android phone, Chrome English and German. Duck-duck-go browser, too.
Not easy to find, anyway.

Yeah, it shows up on my phone but the desktop is where I do most of my internet business and this is where the forum link has disappeared. Makes no sense unless ZwiftHQ doesn’t want us to find it easily and I don’t understand why that would be.

The difficulty in accessing the forum accounts for some of the incredibly poor participation here. All of the other forums I interact in have a very lively and full community. Considering the possible number of paying clients (ZwiftHQ doesn’t tell…) the number active posters on this forum is pathetic. As I said earlier, of the nearly 200 people I follow or follow me, only one or two come on here and none of them often.

Consider this: The New Pack Dynamics thread started by Shooj, has about 1500 views. I know I’ve looked at it several times to see how everyone else is experiencing NPD. I figure each of the posters have looked at it three or four times. So maybe 500 different people total have seen it. Amazingly low community participation in a thread with such a huge impact on the Zwift experience. And this is a group with above average internet and computer savvy.

If ZwiftHQ wants to really make this thing work, they need to build the community. The fouled (not the word I’m thinking of) up chat, the fouled up race ranking and systemic cheating, the outdated UI, etc, etc, etc. These are things that have gone on much too long. I really hope TFNG’s can get a hold of the wheel and bring the goodship Zwift around. Someone has to or we’re going to be doing this on a different platform and I don’t relish starting over again. I got over a year invested here, dammit…