Climb Portal Issues

Rode the portal for the first time last night and (whilst not being an overly enthusiastic climber) mostly enjoyed the experience, but there was one issue I was not able to track down and haven’t seen anyone else mention.

I didn’t receive a single 250 XP powerup, which was disappointing, but that’s not it.

The issue is that in the climb itself the resistance was increasing when the gradient was reducing and vice versa … to the extent that on the -9% gradient just before the portal while descending I could barely pedal without standing up, only to have the resistance almost completely disappear when it then shifted to the +14% gradient up to the portal itself (Cote de Trebiac).

The only time I have had this sort of thing before was when I left my previous Tacx trainer connected to the utility app when I started a ride.

On this occasion, my trainer (now a Volt) was seemingly connected correctly in Zwift and not connected to the Jetblack app.

While in France before and after the climb the resistance appeared to be working correctly,

This was my first ride since applying the latest Zwift update.

Anyone got any clues?

We’ll need some more details on your setup. Guidelines here: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

I’d suggest starting with verifying all of your operating systems and apps are up to date.

Further, unpair and forget the trainer, and any other sensors, prior to pairing with the device you’re running Zwift on.

If this is an Apple TV: do a complete factory reset and start from scratch.