Resistance/Power Issues

Going to keep this fairly high level.

Recently I have been having these issues when using Zwift In two sessions recently, power output has dropped off dramatically on inclines…to about 80 watts…this was reflected in my segment times being around twice their usual

Today, I noticed resistance was too high…on a paved road,0% it felt like i was on a 5 % incline…

Has anyone else been having similar problems off late ?

Can you give a complete rundown of your setup? That might help people either assist in diagnosing your issue, or if the issue might be specific to a certain trainer or other connection.

Hi, yes setup is relatively straightforward. I am using a TACX Flux S trainer connected to an IPAD Air running Zwift, via Bluetooth.

Previous winter the trainer was in the house , I moved it in to the garage this winter. Internet connection is via wireless in the house and is fairly weak but I don’t think that is a factor for the apparent issues I am seeing between the trainer and the app.

I have run the tacx app on my ipad and tried a slope training session , this seems to compare with my zwift sessions when I think everything is normal. Ie my power /speed relative to slope is similar.

It has just been the last few weeks I have been seeing these problems .