Issues with Tacx Flux 2

I recently bought a new Tacx Flux 2 and since the very first ride I have had several issues when riding it with Zwift.

First of all, the trainer has lost the connection to Zwift numerous times, resulting in total power drop. I have also experienced watt spikes which makes the resistance so heavy that it significantly impacts my cadence and power output. This problem has mainly occurred in ERG mode, but the trainer still runs “heavy” when ERG mode is disabled. Furthermore, the trainer does not simulate the terrain when riding normally (ERG mode disabled).

I have the latest firmware on the trainer and have made sure to not have other Bluetooth devices that can interfere nearby. I have also made sure to only have the Zwift app open to not risk that other apps (for example Tacx Training App) interfere with the connection.

The trainer works sufficiently with Tacx Training App, so the problems occur on Zwift, which is the platform I use for my daily training.

I have been in contact with Garmin and since they cannot see any issues with the datafile from Tacx Training App (which is not surprising since this is the app the trainer seems to work with), they argue that the trainer is working just like it should and that the problem comes from Zwift.

What can I do to solve the issues? Are there other cases of similar problems with Tacx Flux 2?

All the best,

3 years and the same problem :frowning:

Hi Dan,

I tried to reinstall zwift and install the latest update, it does not seem to solve the issues completely but making it better. Maybe you can check it out?

All the best!