Tacx Flux 2 ERG issues

My Flux 2 trainer (brand new, acquired this week) doesn’t sync with route inclination nor with FTP workout intervals. It pairs correctly, measures the power with no lag, the speed is according to the power and actual inclination, but ERG doesn’t reproduce the route or the intervals correctly. In the route, it seems like changing resistances with great lag or anticipation (minutes), getting suddenly lose in climbs and hard in downhills (like in my last activity, a total mess). I have tried calibrating the trainer with the manufacturer utility app, and re-connecting and re-installing Zwift App, and it continues failing.
I connect the trainer to a MacBook Pro directly using BT, by the way.
My previous indirect trainer (Vortex) works perfectly.
The Flux 2 trainer works perfectly with the Tacx training platform.
Please help!

Sounds like the same issue I’m having… Have you been able to troubleshoot in any way? I was pairing my Tacx Flux 2 to my MacBook as well with no problems up until the ride I attempted this past Sunday.