Data disconnection after sprints - TacxFlux2 and WahooKickrHRM

Hi, I am using a Tacx Flux 2 that I have had for 8 months, with a decent Windows 10 laptop, which doesn’t seem to have any problems. Zwift version is 1.0.61590. I am using the Bluetooth connection and when I race I turn off all non-essential devices nearby. I double check that I have shut down the Tacx App on my mobile phone and do not have any devices nearby that might try to connect to the laptop bluetooth. I have a fan, but it is not between the device and the computer. I have the latest firmware for the trainer installed and I calibrate it every week or two. I ride in the shed, but I am connected to my router by cable. Internet speed and quality is pretty much as good as it gets in the UK outside London. I am in Glasgow, Scotland. Because I am running off the cable outside the house, I am not able to use the Zwift Companion App. I use Discord to communicate with my teammates in ZRL races. The problem I am having is that my trainer is disconnecting after sprints. This is not a problem with single-sprint races, but is a disaster for points races like ZRL Innsbruck and ZRL Harrowgate. In both races I was disconnected after two of the sprints and lost many places. The actual
peak power outputs I see in real-time and what is posted on ZwiftPower are usually what I expect according to the effort and length of sprint. The trainer is advertised as having a 2000 w capacity. I am usually hitting peak power of about 1100 w in the mid-race sprints. I usually hit the line and then coast for a few seconds after the sprint. Within 30 seconds or so after the sprint, I notice that I have no signal for power, cadence or for heart rate. I stop and reconnect and usually it is fine again until the next sprint, when the thing repeats. I have read that the Tacx Flux 2 might have a bug at high power outputs, but I am wondering if there is anything else that I could/should check before replacing it. I will be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks. Nick

Sounds like the trainer might be overheating.

Thanks Steve. Hadn’t thought of that, but it has been about 0-5 degrees in the shed when the thing has dropped. Having said that, I do have a heater on as well…

Just seems suspicious that it happens after a sprint. How about on a long climb, e.g. Alpe du Zwift or Ven-Top, does it happen there?

No problems with long climbs at all, but I usually climb at or below 260-300 w (ie 2.8-3.1 w/kg). Is only with max effort sprints > 1000 w.